y#+TITLE: numerology journal

#+Author: Jude DaShiell

First day variables used in this journal:

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1 3/20/2011 eventful!

2 3/21/2011 Work week starts.

3 eventful.

4 Uneventful.

5 Eventful.

6 Eventful.

7 Eventful.

8 Internet service down.

9 Tornado watch up for st. mary's county

10 Continuing problems with meter.

11 eventful

12 {{ 5/9/2011 ][ Uneventful. ]]

13 Eventful.

14 Probably eventful

15 eventful

16 (( 5/27/2011 ][ eventful. ]]

17 eventful

18 Eventful.

19 Eventful

20 Eventful

21 Eventful

22 Eventful

23 Eventful

24 Eventful

25 Eventful

26 Eventful

27 Eventful

28 Uneventful

29 3/19/2011 First Day no essence crossings happen today

probably ought to be an uneventful day; my essence for age 57 is 9. Numbers for today are uy=4 um=7 ud=8 py=7 pm=1 pd=2.

Variables used in this journal:

Next :eventful:: date based on universal day essence crossing is Sunday March 20, 2011. Calculations were incorrect on numerology so had to be corrected.

30 3/20/2011 eventful! Made a mistake and ate mouldy bread.

Extensive vomiting and the body got rid of that problem. I think time for sickness was about 5:00P.M. If so, Day Planet was sun in aries corresponding to 1 and hour planet would have been Saturn. Since ud=9 add dp=1 and hp=8 then reduce the 18 becomes 99 corresponding to Mars. Mars in Aries, q.e.d.

31 3/21/2011 Work week starts.

Un:eventful:: and the week had no essence crossings.

32 << 3/26/2011 eventful. Today laundry has to be taken to laundrymat

washer/dryer broke. called cab and it will be delayed a half hour arriving but I connected on my first try (unusual to do that). A co-worker made me a sign for Apartment door Iput up earlier today too. It's Saturday so Saturn brings us delays and restrictions wait time was about a half hour and we're over an hour now. Numbers for today uy=4 um=7 ud=6 py=7 pm=1 pd=9, so we have a personal day essence crossing today. the next eventful day is supposed to be Tuesday March 29, 2011 based on a Universal Day Essence Crossing and it's a work week day. The cab company needs a better phone service. I did make it to Wal-Mart and picked up more than intended in that process got lots of good walking in. Didn't put things away when I got home immediately slept until 2:00A.M. then put them away.

33 3/27/2011 Uneventful. Sunday and a snow day in Sunny Southern Maryland.

Numbers uy=4 um=7 ud=7 py=7 pm=1 pd=1. probably uneventful i don't plan on going anywhere today.

34 3/29/2011 Eventful Learning about the diabetes monster struggle getting

blood then found out I was using the wrong extraction location. Found out later from another diabetic how to do it better. Next day based on universal day essence crossing to be eventful is scheduled to be April 1, 2011 when I have a dental appointment to install a permanent crown. Got blood on test strip and got 38 for a morning have meter reading may have to check out could be defective. Didn't go for evening reading.

35 4/1/2011 Evemtful As near as I can now tell Neibauer Dental Care did good and

careful work today. Apparently my laundry facilities also are now working and Apartment Management got back signed and dated revised house rules today too. Next eventful date based on personal day crossing is supposed to be April 7, 2011.

36 4/7/2011 :eventful:: Got information on healthcare bills and tracked down what

was correctly paid now and paid those amounts. Several phone calls to do it and learned questions to ask to get what is needed for my records. As I write this early on April 8th, Government shutdown is still on starting April 9, 2011. It appears from the outside nothing is close to agreement to end this mess which ought to have been wrapped up September 30, 2010 and would have been in normal years. From my reading of the United States Transits chart based on July 4, 1776 used as birth date this shutdown should not be happening. essence crossings. I work under funding that will continue into shutdown until money runs out so unless shutdown ends in time I may also be furloed. I learned during shutdowns any annual or sick leave gets used and the user goes on furloe as a result of taking that leave whether they had control over circumstances that set the furloe situation into effect or not makes no difference. late to work for whatever reason you're on furloe. Started process to get control solution so meter can be tested for accuracy today. Government shutdown did not happen, last minute deal removing 500 Republican riders and cutting a few more billions got the job done. This is good for one week while a broader spending deal is being worked out. After that, there's the fy2011 budget to fight over. Congress isn't popular and I hink the procedure the Roman Catholic Church uses for electing a new Pope needs to be used on Congress when these processes go off the rails in the future like this one did. That means Congress gets put into a sealed room with enough food and water for one day. They are not allowed out until they pass something the President doesn't veto or until they override the Presidential veto. Numbers for this day uy=4 um=8 ud=6 py=7 pm=2 pd=9. Next on schedule is April 10, 2011 based on universal day essence crossing.

37 4/10/2011 Internet service down. Universal day essence

crossing today which is when the universe or world does things to people, so :eventful:: on that basis alone. Let's see what else happens. Internet back alive router may be having problems had to temporarily disconnect it. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=8 ud=9 py=7 pm=2 pd=4. Next :eventful:: date based on personal day essence crossing is scheduled to be Saturday April 16, 2011.

38 4/16/2011 Tornado watch up for St. Mary's County where I

live and Calvert County. Let's hope it doesn't touch down. Longer lasting thunder storms than usual so I stayed home No percentage in pushing luck beyond safe limits just to do shopping. I learned I'm not the only blind person having problems with finger sticks. Also even veterans of the diabetes war have periods where they have finger stick problems and can't get readings. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=8 ud=6 py=7 pm=2 pd=9. Next eventful day scheduled for Tuesday April 19, 2011. based on universal day essence crossing.

39 4/19/2011 Continuing problems with meter

However may have got a way to solve problem. Will know later this week. I ordered control solution for meter. All is slow on insurance processing some since one provider sent information to wrong place.Next scheduled day based on personal day essence crossing is Monday April 25, 2011. Numbers for this day are uy=4 um=8 ud=9 py=7 pm=2 pd=3.

40 4/25/2011 Another late bus pick up today for work.

At least that's what the bus driver who is new to the job thought. I had my work times changed and that hasn't got the other riders all that happy. I took a couple hits to leave and don't know how many more would have happened without such a move on my part. I can make an adjustment where I use other transit to get home until the new driver is either let go or gets with the program and in that way the afternoon bus will leave on time and five other riders will be happy campers again. Today was a personal essence crossing not a universal essence crossing. The next essence crossing will be a universal day essence crossing and is scheduled for Thursday April 28, 2011. Numbers for today uy=4 um=8 ud=6 py=7 pm=2 pd=9.

41 4/29/2011 eventful. Thought it wasn't going to be

until a few minutes ago. Some three star type is having a survey on workers with disabilities put together. I almost got roped into providing input for the survey. With respect to surveys, I have two beliefs. First avoid providing design help; any help you provide will be twisted out of context if it ends up on the survey in any form at all. Second, avoid taking surveys several people's responses will be shaped into what the originators wanted to do in the first place.If management coersion happens in connection with this survey toward my participation I have as my final option of filling the survey out and being sure to provide as many contradictory answers as possible. Next eventful day based on universal month essence crossing is Sunday May 1, 2011 (great a whole month suitable for coersion by others). This will be the month of Bin Laden who had his first death today and the month of the debt ceiling. May 16, 2011 is the jump off day for the debt ceiling raising or failure to raise which causes a default which causes what, predictions vary. I pay off what bills I can this month. Next eventful day based on a universal month essence crossing and a personal day essence crossing on the same day is scheduled for Saturday May 6, 2011. Thinking of what I have learned so far about this is that some kind of events energy exchange happens effecting me more than others on that day. Might be useful to keep a low profile that day. Let's see if keeping a low profile that day will even be possible. Numbers for today are uy=4 um=8 ud=9 py=7 pm=2 pd=3.

42 5/6/2011 Eventful

Went to Wal-Mart to do shopping. On the way home, the cab driver driving me home was pulled over by one of Maryland's finest so she could get a warning for the right brake light not working. While stopped she couldn't produce her license since just before the stop she gave her boyfriend her book which had her license in it and he didn't show up until Maryland's finest gave her a ticket for use of a handheld device while stopped and she was talking with her dispatcher to let him know what was going on with the cab. Then Maryland's finest left the scene. The cab driver had an essence crossing that day too. If I had sight and had been driving, that would not have been my lucky day either. The cab driver only had a single essence crossing that day too but I had two of them. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=6 py=7 pm=3 pd=9. Next eventful day based on universal month and universal day essence crossings is Tuesday May 9, 2011.

43 5/9/2011 Uneventful.

44 Kept low profile today.

45 Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=9 py=7 pm=3 pd=3.

46 Next eventful day based on universal month and personal day

47 essence crossings is Monday May 15, 2011.

48 5/15/2011 Eventful. A co-worker and me researched

and documented a public-facing web page for accessibility and we found bugs that need squashing ahead of an accessibility audit. This is the first of sixty pages to check and it's left to the web team to debug when they get the notes. Work continues tomorrow. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=6 py=7 pm=3 pd=9. Next eventful day based onuniversal month essence crossing and universal day essence crossing is Wednesday May 18, 2011.

49 5/18/2011 Probably eventful will find out later.

Had blood testing done and a day earlier answered some email about an inappropriate project to which I've got on my plate for now. Sometimes results are remote and not beneficial but management never asks "do you think you can do this project?", they just hand them out. In this case security is causing accessibility problems which are not going to get solved in my lifetime. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=9 py=7 pm=3 pd=3. Next day supposed to be eventful is Tuesday May 24, 2011 based on universal month essence crossing and personal day essence crossings.

50 5/24/2011 Eventful. A work day and it was worth

going to work! Unusual. The web accessibility project I'm working on had a meeting and got five accessibility violations which are being passed to developers for repair work and this was on only the first of about 60 pages that need functional testing. Web developers are not aware of the experience being had by screen reader users but will get an education in the near future. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=6 py=7 pm=3 pd=9. Next eventful day based on universal month and universal day essence crossings is Friday May 28, 2011. 5/27/2011 Eventful. Universal month essence crossing and universal day essence crossing happened. Also, I get email as a result of an inappropriate referal from another colleague. Two software packages are in use to build web-based training and I've had exposure to neither package. Also, the one with the problem is asking questions that can't be answered by someone like myself with no memory of vision. I gave him the best answers I could which I'm sure will not help him at all. One of those answers was a referal to a workmate who probably will be able to help solve his problems. Maybe knowing when to pass problems along to others was intended to be the lesson of the day. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=9 ud=9 py=7 pm=3 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day essence crossing is Sunday June 5, 2011. 6/5/2011 Eventful. I went to Bob Evans and had a mostly good meal. Then did shopping at Target where I found less than I was led to believe would be available in Morning Star and Amy's food. Then I went back to my apartment and was driven home by the cab driver who has lots of complaints against him for not answering the phone for long times when people called for a cab. Phone company is t-mobile a nationally rated highly inferior provider so the cab driver may not be all of the problem. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=1 ud=6 py=7 pm=4 pd=9. Next eventful day based on a universal day essence crossing is Wednesday June 8, 2011.

51 6/8/2011 Eventful. I have to be more careful with

certain e-mail messages. I probably would have also done better not to have done anything with e-mail so early on days with universal day essence crossings. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=1 ud=9 py=7 pm=4 pd=3. Next eventful day is Tuesday June 14, 2011 based on a personal day essence crossing.

52 6/14/2011 Eventful. On the work front, an order

went out from the White House for theFederal Government to get rid of 50% of its web pages and very likely also the servers used to house those web pages! Wonderful news. Half of the potential pool of Section 508 violations will be removed from existence which means available personnel can work on cleaning up the remainder just that much quicker. If terminations get guided by bad audit reports so that the pages with most expensive Section 508 violations get removed first then Federal agencies will be able to show brain power in action toward public benefit. On the numerology front, I may have figured out the Decas Daily essence technique and when I did that shared it with the numerology e-mail list to which I subscribe. More on that later along with three different techniques I know for figuring pinnacles and challenges. I never thought when I started this journal that it would get this large this quickly. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=1 ud=6 py=7 pm=4 pd=9. Next eventful day is probably Friday June 17, 2011 based on a Universal Day Essence Crossing.

53 6/17/2011 Eventful. I tried doing an accessible

54 debian Linux installation and though some problems

happened, the installation was successful. The litetalk speech synthesizer I use with Slackware is on its last legs and owes me nothing at all and the debian system uses my sound card to produce speech. So I can continue using Linux and continue to update this web page and get the funds together to have the synthesizer either fixed or replaced. None of this is done with Windows since even with windows 7 if I don't have any help to install it and the system needs a bare bones install, I can't get screen narrator or any other speech system up and for that reason can't install Windows. Another problem I have with Windows is the system was written by those with A.D.H.D. for those with A.D.H.D. That leaves me out. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=1 ud=9 py=7 pm=4 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day essence crossing is Thursday June 23, 2011.

55 6/23/2011 Eventful, a Debian upgrade broke a part

of the org-mode build process that installs documentation correctly on Debian systems. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=1 ud=6 py=7 pm=4 pd=9. Next eventful daybased on a universal day essence crossing is Sunday June 26, 2011.

56 6/26/2011 Eventful. I went out to eat too early

because Cheeseburgers In Paradise opened at noon and I arrived at 11:00A.M. As an compromise I went to eat at Lenny's rather late in their brunch service for the day. Their selection was minimal and the staff only told me about items they didn't have as I asked about them. So I decided to have only one plate of food and then left after paying my bill and don't ever expect to eat at Lenny's ever again. The week before that, I put $40 into playing Keno and got $6.00 back so those two events seem to point at an unlucky location for me. Many years ago I had a different Keno transaction at Lenny's having played $20.00 and won $300.00. On the 26th of June I had intended to play only $20.00 but bonus structure of than that. So four bill collectors were paid that day. The cab company, Lenny's Maryland and most important of all, experience. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=1 ud=9 py=7 pm=4 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day essence crossing is Monday July 4, 2011 a freaking Federal Holiday of all things! I plan to keep a low profile that day but let's see what others have planned and do or fail to do that day.

57 7/4/2011 Eventful. Stayed home the whole day and

found out how to write a patch for a Makefile then made it available for others to use and don't know if it will be accepted or not. It's a simple patch that makes org-mode's Makefile more conventional by enabling a command line of make targets and supplying useful text describing those targets. I had to do research for this both in Makefile syntax and researching the pre-existing Makefile too. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=2 ud=6 py=7 pm=5 pd=9. Next eventful day based on a universal day essence crossing is Thursday July 7, 2011.

58 < 7/7/2011 >> Eventful. I was contacted by a co-worker

and asked to do web page accessibility testing next week on Tuesday July 12, 2011. I was undecided whether to do this or not. My family had originally decided to have my Mother's Memorial on July 13 which would have been her Birthday if she had lived that long and I had hoped to be in Pennsylvania for that Memorial if it were possible. My sister though had been crazy busy lately and hadn't contacted me to let me know the Memorial has been moved to October since there'll be many old people there and July with its hot weather would be too risky for them. When I got voicemail with change of plans I accepted the appointment for web accessibility testing. Let's see what October brings in 2011, the country will be beyond the artificial deadline of the artificial debt ceiling by Wednesday August 3, 2011 by then and it will be interesting to see how the rich maggots worm their way out of this one or don't worm their way out and what really happens in that event. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=2 ud=9 py=7 pm=5 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day essence crossing is July 13, 2011.

59 7/13/2011 Eventful primarily delays. Normally

Wednesday evenings I go do volunteer work over at Smartco taking apart computers for use in other computers and recycling. Recyclers come every so often and collect parts Smartco doesn't use to build refurbished computers. That didn't happen on the 13th. My work area was so clogged with equipment a fork lift would be needed to clear it and it didn't happen that night so I was told about that earlier in the day during my second daily pinnacle which crossed my daily essence number that day. I figured out a way to calculate daily essences and for July 13, 2011 and July 14, 2011 I had negative transits on the daily essences. The yearly essence also had crossings that day. I don't know if the technique I figured out is or isn't identical to the one Hans Decas uses since to the best of my knowledge so far he hasn't shared that technique with anyone. Another entry on this page will have the description of what I figured out. Before closing this entry out though, for anyone interested in subscribing to a numerology email list, you can start the process by sending blank email to numerology-subscribe@yahoogroups.com then replying to the email you get from yahoogroups.com. People who want readings will be directed to numerology resources on the web and books available so they can learn to do their own readings. Those doing readings that don't understand what they're reading (usually happens after more than a single book on numerology is read) authors routinely use different labels for the same calculations, the Numerology email list can help you out. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=2 ud=6 py=7 pm=5 pd=9. Next eventful day based on Universal Day Crossing is Saturday July 16, 2011.

60 7/16/2011 Eventful, I made a mistake with the ordering

of my travel with the cab. It's best to get to the post office first then the credit union then breakfast. Do it any other way, and at least one of those other locations will be closed before you can get to them. That proved useful later on too. Numbers for the day were uy=4 um=2 ud=9 py=7 pm=5 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day crossing is Friday July 22, 2011.

61 7/22/2011 Eventful. All-time high balance in the

Thrift Savings Plan for me. It wasn't all that ought to have been in the fund even for July of 2011 but it was an all-time high for me nonetheless. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=2 ud=6 py=7 pm=5 pd=9. Next eventful day based on a universal day crossing is Monday July 25, 2011.

62 7/25/2011 Eventful. The start of what turned out to

be many sharp down days for the stock markets and my Thrift Savings Plan funds. Some won't survive this decline. Numbers for the day uy=4 um=2 ud=9 py=7 pm=5 pd=3. Next eventful day based on a personal day crossing is Sunday July 31, 2011.

63 7/31/2011 Uneventful. Waiting for results of the debt

ceiling fight. A low profile is probably appropriate. Numbers for the day are uy=4 um=2 ud=6 py=7 pm=5 pd=9. Next eventful day is Saturday August 6, 2011 based on a universal day crossing.

Date: Saturday March 19, 2011 9:20A.M. Journal starts.

Author: Jude DaShiell

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