Computer Quiz

Are you a computer geek or a computer freak? Should you be allowed any where near a computer? Let's find out!

If you don't know, you may get lucky! Take a chance!

1. What is the name of the operating system to be released on January 30?

    Windows 2007
    Windows Gold

2. Name an alternative browser to Internet Explorer.

    Mozilla Firefox
    Web 2.0
    Windows Explorer
    All of the above

3. What was the name of the first spreadsheet program?

    Excel 95
    Lotus 1 2 3
    Microsoft Magic

4. What is the Jaws cursor?

    A method for accessing the Internet
    A person who is upset with Jaws
    A method for manipulating the mouse pointer
    Extra cheese

5. What's the keyboard command for applying a bulletted list style in Word?


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