Hi And welcome to my technical resources page. At present, you'll find a limited assortment of programs, but this page will grow as I acquire material.

Before we get into the downloadable goodies, here is a a few sites that are well worth visiting, beginning with a page for those of you who are wanting to get acquainted with an online commandline interface. It is a small unix tutorial, and I am very much on the hunt for a full manual, assuming that such a thing even exists.

  • Click Here To Learn Some Unix.

    The Empowerment Zone is a site that I have found highly beneficial, and perhaps you will too.

  • Empowerment Zone -- helping individuals and communities achieve self actualization and full citizenship

    As a very much avowed DOS enthusiast, I would like to present a few dos sites for those of you who would still rather use a (real) computer, and not some dumbed-down monstrosity of a Windows machine. Ok, I'm bias, so shoot me. In this section you will find sites dedicated to WordPerfect, various DOS projects and games.

  • WordPerfect for DOS Updated
  • Text editors and related utilities
  • "DOS Solutions"
  • The FreeDOS Project | Welcome!
  • PC Squared: Highest quality adaptive computer products at the lowest possible prices

    Jim Kitchen's site is a must for any dos lover, but there are many fine games for the Windows users among us as well. You really don't want to miss this site. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Kitchen's Inc

    We want to start off the downloading festivities by offering up two fine terminal emulator packages, Commo and Telix, respectively. I assume that if you download these jewels of DOS and Shell net surfing, that you are already conversant with which ever utility you choose here. Commo has a particularly high learning curve, especially if you are wanting to increase and/or augment its functioning by writing macros. In that case, I can only tell you to read the manual, no, study it diligently.

    Without further ado, here is Commo, for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy it.

  • Click here to download it.

    As promised, here is Telix.

  • Click here if you want it.

    I have heard from several blind individuals wishing to construct their own websites. I have compiled a package to assist them with this endeavor. This package consists of a collection of zip files, three of which are actual DOS utilities that will help create a website. There is also a fine collection of tutorials in the zipfile entitled "tutor.zip." This collection of tutorials will give aspiring website owners a fine introduction into the world of html. Please make sure to decompress each of the zipfiles in this package in separate directories, so as to avoid the overriding of important files with similar names. Each zipfile is a stand-alone parcel.

  • Click here to download the website construction suite.

    Here is a book for those of you who are wanting to learn PHP. It was provided by an individual who is an adept at writing PHP. I present the book in PDF format.

  • Click here to download the PHP tutorial.

    And now onto the downloadable files!. This first program is a very sophisticated astrology tool. It will give highly involved astrological information along with charts in JPG format.

    Click here to download the astrology program.

    We have an atlas here, that will give you the latitude and longitude of any city in the world supposedly. It also provides a wealth of other interesting information that can be either useful or fun.

    Click here to down load the atlas.

    Next we have a copy of the king James bible. It is the complete bible, but it takes some figuring in order to use it. However, it does provide every book of the bible in text format, and it works fine once you've figured out how to use the program.

    Click here to download the bible.

    Here is a nice little cd-player. It is so simple to use, that you really don't need the documentation, but it is well documented. I use it all the time, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Click here to download the cd-player.

    CDROM.ZIP is a program that drives a high-speed cd-player. It's fairly decent, and it will run your player immediately upon its installment.

    Click here to download the cd-rom software, which is unrelated to the above listed cd-player.

    This next program is a pretty nice little dictionary. All you need to do is put it in its own directory by way of installing it. You then go into its directory, type "def +word", and it will render the definition.

    Click here to download the dictionary.

    This next little jewel is a software jukebox that plays mp3 files beautifully. It has plenty of documentation and is easy and effective to use.

    Click here to download the mp3-jukebox.

    Yes the jukebox is a fine piece of mump3-based software, but this next program is far better. This particular utility that I am providing for your downloading convenience, allows the user the ability to selectively play mp3 files and many other types of intertainment media as well. The documentation may be a bit convoluted, but one can figure out how to use the program with a bit of fiddling around with it.

  • Click here to download this utility.

    Readit is one of the old time word processors. It has plenty of documentation and is easy to use.

    Click here to download the word-processor read it.

    This next program is a spell checker that you can use with nettamer or as a stand alone spell checker. It will work with pretty much anything that would involve spell checking.

    Click here to download the spell checker ss30.

    This next program is a very nice daily assistant calendar, that comes with many features, including the phases of the moon on a daily basis.

    Click here to download the daily calendar.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Lynx kit developed and supported by Rene Ludwig is no longer available on the internet, and is no longer supported. Here is a copy of that particular Lynx package. You must download and decompress the zip file, and then run the executable. It is pretty self explanatory.

  • Click here to download Lynx_kit.

    Here is a handy little program for constructing websites. It is the same that Mr. Jim Kitchen used when creating his most estimable site in fact. I use it on occasion, and like all of the files at this site, I highly recommend it.

  • Click here to download homepage.zip.

    Doug Kaufman has been a Lynx developer for quite some time, and his site contains a smorgasbord of Lynx and Bobcat kits as well as a host of related accessories.

  • Doug Kaufman's Lynx Development Site

    At this next site belonging to Paul Henrich, you will find a fabulous repository of pages pertaining to technical resources for the blind; it is a veritable treasure trove of material.

  • Paul Henrich's site

    Well, that about wraps things up for now. However, come back often, because neither you nor I know when new material will appear here.

    Bright Blessings, Ray Jackson

    Should you have a problem with anything gotten from this site, click here to email me about it.