John Denver CD Rom's
The new cd "Best of John Denver Live" is also a cd-rom. The cover shows John Denver in concert with a blue background. This cd can function as a regular audio cd, but if you put it in a cd-rom player you get a video demonstration as well. Various scenes of Aspen, CO are shown with a grey rock border. Then when you click on one of the songs along the border it plays the song accompanied by various scenes from the Wildlife Concert which was taped in New York City in 1995.

All except 2 of the songs on the album were also on the 2-cd set "The Wildlife Concert", but on this single enhanced cd the songs I'm Sorry from the album WINDSONG and I'd Rather Be A Cowboy,from FAREWELL ANDROMEDA are also included.

On the outside of the album, the words "CD EXTRA" do not really make it clear that it is really an "Enhanced CD", but it is indeed. Installing the cd automatically puts a "John Denver" directory on your hard drive. You can also listen to the music portion while working with other programs or checking your email. It is a very nice album and I would recommend it to anyone who is into computers as well as John Denver music.