Walking Thunder
Walking Thunder was filmed in Utah. It takes place in the Rockies in 1850 and is a coming-of-age story. John Denver plays Jacob McCay's father in this family adventure.
The Wildlife Concert
The "Wildlife Concert" is John's most recent video. It was filmed in February 1995 in New York City.
"A Portrait"
This video is available for purchase from Cherry Lane Music, Brookside Media and CD Now. It has songs and informal commentary about the songs by John.
"Oh God"
"Oh God" was John's first feature-length movie. It came out in 1977. His co-star was George Burns.
In 1987 John appeared with Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn in the Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation of "Foxfire".
"In Partnership With Earth: Pollution Prevention in the 1990's"
This video was produced for Earth Day in 1990. John is the on-camera narrator with EPA Administrator William Reilly.
"The Christmas Gift"
In 1986 John appeared in a Christmas TV movie called The Christmas Gift. His co-star was Jane Kazmarak.
"Higher Ground"
The TV Movie "Higher Ground" was filmed in 1988 and was the pilot for a tv series. It was set in Alaska where John played an airplane pilot.
"The Making of Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Volume 2"
John can be seen in the 1990 video "The Making of Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Volume 2".
John's combined movie & tv credits from the Internet Movie Database.
Other Videos
John also has many other videos and has appeared in a number of other tv specials.