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Hi. My name is Emily. I like to write poetry so in my www page I'll give you an opportunity to read some. I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, Jim. Jim is blind but that doesn't slow us down at all. In the summer we love to go to Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun and to all the outdoor plays and concerts here in Kansas City.> We used to live very close to Westport. It was famous during the covered wagon days when it was a stop off for people to outfit their wagons before heading west. Independence, MO is also in this area and it was even more famous. You may have heard of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails. Well, all of those criss-cross our area here in Kansas City, Missouri, and in Independence they have a big celebration once a year in honor of those trails. It's called Santa-Cali-Gon Days.

    Another thing Kansas City is famous for is Hallmark Cards. It was started here in Kansas City and is now the world headquarters. Crown Center is a mall that is part of the Hallmark complex. They used to have wonderful, free Friday night concerts, but then they quit having them. Crown Center has never been quite the same since. :-(

  1. My Poetry I've been writing poetry since I was very young. When I was about 8 I wanted to figure out a birthday present for my mother. My Dad suggested that I write her a poem. So I did and she liked it so much that she cried when she read it. That really started my desire to be a writer because it was amazing to me that I could move someone emotionally with just my words.

  2. The John Denver Home Page The John Denver Home Page is sponsored by "Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club." It has been on the internet since May of 1994 with a monthly newsletter. I'm the writer/editor. This site also links to a lot of other music sites on the web.

  3. Blindness Related Information on the WWW Here is my list of information about blindness, as well as my own documents aimed at "bridging the gap" between the sighted and the blind.

  4. Famous Poets Here are some of the other poets I enjoy reading.

  5. Dustin Hoffman. My favorite actor is Dustin Hoffman.

  6. Sites in the U.K. I also have a good friend who lives in England. It's one of my favourite places. Perhaps you'd like to read more about that great country.

  7. Here is my list of other fun places on the www

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your visit so far. I'll be adding things as time goes by since I love to tinker with my html documents. You can write to me at emily@parris.net