This is not a complete list of John's cd's - but only a more detailed description of the more recent ones. For a complete list see the Discography.

All Aboard!
This album of train songs is very upbeat and perfect for children and adults alike. A Review of "All Aboard!" from the Los Angeles Times.
Best of John Denver Live
This new John Denver album is also a CD-ROM. It contains 2 new songs that were recorded at the Wildlife Concert but have not been previously released.
"Forever John"
This John Denver album was compiled after his death from songs that RCA had in their archives. In other words, they are songs that didn't make the cut for some of John's original albums. Still, it is a very interesting album filled with songs from many different decades during John's career.
Reader's Digest' John Denver cd
This 3-cd set from Reader's Digest features 60 of John's finest performances. The first disc features John's classic songs. Disc 2 has a section called "Rocky Mountain High" and another one called "I Remember You". On disc 3 the heading is called "John plays Favorites" and in the last part of the 3rd disc there are some of his live performances.
Unplugged Collection
THE UNPLUGGED COLLECTION, recorded in Nashville in 1996, issued in Germany, 16 tracks include "Whispering Jesse" and "Christmas for Cowboys".
"Perhaps Love" cd Single
This cd single of "Perhaps Love" has a duet with Robert Blanco. The cd was issued in Germany. cost $10.00 from International Disc.
Holland -"Greatest Hits"
This cd contains all the tracks from the Universal Ampitheatre 1974 concert, but without the bonus tracks from the German version of "An Evening With John Denver". It was issued in Holland and has 21 tracks, 74 minutes. It is a beautiful Picture Disc of John Denver; a very nice transfer onto disc of a circa mid-70's photo, soon to be deleted and very unique.
The John Denver Collection
This collection is a 5-cd set from Lasarlight Digital. The cd's in the set are entitled "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Annie's Song", "Rocky Mountain High", "Sunshine On My Shoulders", and "Calypso." Some confusion may arise since "Rocky Mountain High" is also the title of a 1972 John Denver album. The Lasarlight Digital cd of "Rocky Mountain High" contains completely different songs. Each of the 5 cd's can also be purchased separately at a very reasonable price.
Reflections: Songs of Life and Love
This cd was released 10/29/96 and contains previously released material off of a number of different JD albums. The cover features a very good picture of John and the album picks up some songs that have not been released on cd before.
Rocky Mountain Collection
This is a 2-cd set that contains all of John Denver's major hits in one collection.
The Wildlife Concert - CD and Video
The Wildlife Concert was filmed in February 1995 in New York City as a benefit for the Wildlife Conservation Society. It is available on both CD and Video and was shown on the A&E Cable Network.
An Evening With John Denver (1975)
John's album "An Evening With John Denver" is available in a 2-cd set from RCA Germany and a single cd in the U.S.
The Very Best of John Denver
The Very Best of John Denver is available by mail. Charlie White has written a review of the album.


John Denver Tribute CD's
Various artists have produced tribute albums for John Denver.
Minneapolis Does Denver
This John Denver Tribute album came out many years before John died. It is from October Records and on the album various Minneapolis, MN musicians sing John Denver songs.
The 1988 Mitchell Trio Reunion cd
The Mitchell Trio Reunion cd is available by mail. John sings with them on two of the selections.
"Folk Essentials" CD
John sings on one cut of this folk music cd.
CD Sources on the WWW
Various companies have extensive cd catalogs on the world wide web and they are a good source for John Denver cd's. I also have a chart that shows the price comparison between various companies for John Denver cd's.
CD's in the U.K.
Here are some ideas on where to find John Denver cd's in the U.K.